Published On Oct 27, 2012 | Issue 1 | Volume 17 2011


Rony Irawanto
LIPI – Kebun Raya Purwodadi Jl Raya Surabaya Malang Km 65 Pasuruan

Purwodadi Botanic Garden is a conservation institution of ex-situ plants which goes to do conservation, research, education andecotourism activities. The main characteristic of the botanic garden is the collection of plants, some supported collections, and their  documentation. Seed collection is one of the supported collection, which is responsible for handling the management of seed material  collections. Seed collection as an active collection needs to be tested to know the quality of seeds during storage (viability/germination).  Seeds viability activity is routinely done in the Purwodadi Botanic Gardens. This research aims to know the quality of seed collections  in the Purwodadi Botanic Gardens where the result can be used as a guidance in to do the later conservation of the seed in rider to  improve the quality of Purwodadi Botanic Garden collection. The stocktaking result of the plants which produce fruit and seed showed  that there are 524 species from 77 genus, with a range of seed collection is around 10 €“ 65 species every year. Thus, seed collection  viability in 2010 amounts 64 species.

Key words: Purwodadi Botanic Garden, seed, viability

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