Published On Jun 23, 2011 | Issue 2 | Volume 16 2011


Muhlis Muhlis
Universitas Mataram

The research that was carried out in Lombok marine tourism is purposed to fi nd out 1) the condition of coral reef ecosystem 2)the condition of waters oceanography and 3) the relationship between the conditions of coral reef ecosystem and the oceanographycondition of Lombok marine tourism. The observation was conducted with the line transect method in the windward zone and leewardzone, in 3 meters and 10 meters depth with three test times. The condition of coral reef that would be analyzed is about 1) percentageof the coral cover 2) the death index of coral 3) the form of growth coral, whereas the oceanography condition that would be analyzedis the temperature, salinity, the pH, DO, the brightness, and the fl ow speed. Knowing the relationship between the condition of coralreefs and the condition of oceanography will be carried out with the analysis of regression. The result shows that the condition ofcoral reefs ecosystem in windward zone has 36.9% cover coral, the death index of coral 0.17, the form growth coral that was found is13 kinds 251 number of forms of the growth coral, while the condition of coral reef ecosystem in leeward zone reached 23.72% covercoral, the death index of coral 0.45, the form of growth coral that was found is 11 kinds 276 number of forms of the growth coral.The condition of oceanography factor of windward zone has 22,36 meters brightness, the temperature 27.52â—¦C, the fl ow speed 4.77m./sec, the salinity 33.21 Ppt, the pH 7.56 and the protracted oxygen 6.41 Mg.l-1, the brightness of leeward zone reached 14.36 meter,the temperature 27.83â—¦C, the speed of the fl ow 2.68 m./sec, the salinity 31.54 Ppt, the pH 7.77 and the protracted oxygen 5.40 Mg.l-1.There is relationship between the oceanographic factor and the condition of coral reef ecosystem, from the sixth oceanographic factors,salinity has the highest effective contribution that is 49.79%, and the lowest is the pH that only 1.52%.

Key words: coral reef, lombok, marine tourism, oceanography

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