Ngongolo Ngongolo Doreen Mrimi


The study aimed to investigate the impact of different organic manures on the germination and growth performance of common beans (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) in Tanzania's semi-arid region. Despite the widespread cultivation of common beans, limited research addresses the specific effects of diverse manure types on their germination and growth in this region. The primary objective is to assess and compare the influence of cow dung, poultry manure, rabbit manure, and a control (no manure) on common bean germination and growth. Understanding how different manure categories affect beans is crucial for optimizing agricultural practices in semi-arid environments. A randomized block design was employed with four treatments (cow dung, poultry manure, rabbit manure, and control), each replicated three times. Common bean seeds were planted, and growth parameters, including plant height, leaf width, and leaf length, were measured. Data were analyzed using the Kruskal-Wallis test and generalized linear models. Poultry manure consistently outperformed other categories, significantly enhancing bean germination and growth (p < 0.05). The association between manure types and total germinated seeds was positive, with poultry and cow manures showing the most significant impact (P < 0.05). Growth performance, especially plant height, demonstrated significant associations with manure type, plant parts' growth, time intervals, and distance from the bush. Poultry manure emerged as the most effective in promoting common bean germination and growth. The study highlights the need for tailored agricultural practices considering the diversity in manure effects. It suggests promoting organic farming practices, with an emphasis on poultry manure. Further research is encouraged to explore broader impacts on various crops. Educational initiatives are recommended to disseminate knowledge about organic manure benefits, and policy support is advocated to enhance soil fertility, crop yield, and environmental sustainability in Tanzanian agriculture.

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Bean productivity, germination performance, poultry manure

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Ngongolo, N., & Mrimi, D. (2024). Optimizing organic agriculture: Poultry manure dominates in enhancing germination and growth of common beans in Tanzania’s semi-arid environment. Berkala Penelitian Hayati, 30(1), 35-39. Retrieved from https://berkalahayati.org/index.php/jurnal/article/view/806